Tenancy fees


At Beech Properties we pride ourselves on being open and transparent regarding tenancy fees related to renting a property, which we always try to keep to a reasonable level.

Single tenancy administration fee: £140.00

Joint tenancy administration fee :  £180.00

This covers the cost of our comprehensive referencing plus the preparation of a detailed inventory,

Tenancy Fees cover our administration time in producing all of the legal tenancy documentation all of which are for your protection, together with the initial familiarisation visits to the property where one of our representatives who will go through the various appliances with you and also any emergency actions you might have to take in the event of a gas or water leak or an electrical problem. (We do urge you to contact us immediately should you experience any of these problems)


Deposit protection fee:  £25

Deposits are protected in My Deposits – Deposit Protection Scheme, Tenants will receive a copy of their Tenancy Deposit Certificate.

You will also need to pay the following before moving into your new home:

RENT:                 1 month’s rent in advance.

DEPOSIT:           Equivalent to 1 months’ rent.

If you are eligible for Housing Benefit, you must provide us with proof of eligibility and entitlement amount before we can commence with your application.

You will need to show evidence immediately following move-in that you have applied to the Local Authority for Housing Benefit at that address.

You will need to provide us with a deposit as above, and you will need to pay any top up amount due prior to moving in.